Travel by Design FAQ's

What does a Travel Broker do? 

We provide a full range of travel booking and advisory services and we have the flexability of meeting with you at your convenience.
We are also your best advocate should something go wrong, we can act on your behalf to put things right.

Are you able to offer special deals
and are you competitive on price? 

We give you a wide variety of travel options including specials and quotes from competing travel suppliers.We are experts in
understanding the intricacies of the travel industry and we can ensure you get the maximum advantage of what's on offer.

Do you charge fees?

We do not charge additional service fees for your bookings, however if itineraries need to be changed we will pass on fees charged by airlines and suppliers.

We also charge a small fee to process flights if client wishes to pay for flights using air points dollars.

Do you deal with all aspects of travel?

We are a convenient one stop shop saving you time and money by handling all aspects of your trip from air tickets, accommodation, transfers, tours, insurance, visas, and any other requirements you may have for your travel.

What hours are you available?

Our office hours are Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and outside these hours by appointment.

We are available 24/7 for travel emergencies