The Asian Experience with

Koh Samui, Thailand


Enjoy the most fabulously hospitable people and allow them to serve you. Take little spending money as food and purchases are generally cheap.

The climate is hot, the sea is bright blue and just like bath water, the gorgeous white sands sparkle.

Indulge in the luxury of spa treatments, foot massages or manicures.

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Phuket, Thailand

If you want shopping, then this is your destination!

Tuk Tuk city - the easy way to get around.  Elephants are their speciality and not to be missed, along with many awe inspiring sights.

The sea is exciting. A great place for a family vacation. Lots to do in Phuket if you want, otherwise enjoy the climate by the pool.

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A modern world of affluence mingles with a serene traditional influence.

Step outside your hotel on to a Long Tail Boat. Cruise the river to see the floating markets, the real life of Bangkok and its history.

Enjoy the hustle of the markets and the bargaining that will become second nature. Indulge in the abundance of shopping malls for your designerware, designer copies and electronics galore.

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Northern Vietnam - Hanoi

Visitors to Vietnam should not miss out on a holiday in Hanoi. This 1000 year old city is a  mass of motorbikes weaving their way in and around the streets of the Old Quarter which has been the centre of commerce for 1000 years.

The low rise city has beautiful parks and an exciting mix of incredible crafts and bargains found in the Old Quarter.

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